Global Business Trade Show

21 to 23 July 2017 at Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.

Global Business Trade Show - Organizer's Profile

Global Business Trade Show - Organizer's Profile.

MIG Media Neurons Ltd. is a full service provider professional business promotion company. Our mission is to create twin identity of Gujarat and India and to promote Gujarat’s products and services worldwide.

Made In Gujarat Concept -

  • MIG Media Neurons Ltd. is a Public Limited and Listed Company on National Stock Exchange of India – NSE. And initiated Made In Gujarat concept in the year of 2010.
  • MIG Media Neurons Ltd. is a Full Service Provider Business Promotion Company.
  • MIG Media Neurons Ltd. is a Multi-National entity with its presence in USA by the name of MIG Media Neurons Inc., USA.
  • MIG Media Neurons Ltd., MMNL has successfully organized 9 International Trade Shows in short span of 5 years in 5 countries wiz Malaysia, UAE, USA, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

Made In Gujarat Business Promotion Services:

Websites: B2B, B2C and Skilled Based Employment Portal
Publications: Newsletter, Success Digest, Magazine and Database Services
Events: Global Trade Shows, Business Summits - Delegations and Industry Confluence Events
Awards: Business Awards based on Authentic Evaluation for International Level Recognition
Patron Membership: Annual Membership for Companies

Made In Gujarat – Appreciation & Accolades

  • The Then Chief Minister of Gujarat State & Now Prime Minister of India – Shri Narendra Modi - Has appreciated our concept 3 times.
  • Former Industries Minister – Shri Saurabh Patel
  • Former Minister of Gujarat State – Shri Vajubhai Vala - Has appreciated our concept 2 times.
  • Former Minister of Gujarat State – Shri J.N Vyas
  • Former Industries Commissioner B.B Swain

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